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How Amanda Yates Garcia’s writing on witchcraft turned into a full-time income


  • Content and Audience:

    • Amanda's Substack, "Mystery Cult with Amanda Yates Garcia," focuses on witchcraft, ritual, tarot, mythology, ecology, and more for art witches with ADHD.
    • Her readers include MFAs, psychotherapists, bisexuals fascinated with Persephone, writers against oil pipelines, and neurodivergent individuals seeking spiritual-political resonance.
  • Content Strategy:

    • Amanda publishes about twice a week, offering essays, monthly live full-moon rituals, downloadable Witch Guides, live chats, a reading group, and surprise gifts.
    • Her strategy includes exploring the symbology of seasons, addressing urgent personal topics, and sharing insights on mythologies, paganism, and ecology.
  • Growth and Monetization:

    • Amanda transitioned to Substack in November 2022 and quickly reached 13,000 subscribers with 430 paid subscribers.
    • Moon Rituals, previously marketed monthly, became a subscription offering, allowing her to focus more on content creation and less on marketing.
    • Amanda emphasizes the importance of consolidating projects on Substack, providing a centralized home base for her content and reducing marketing efforts.

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