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Launching a book looks extremely different in 2023

A snippet of the article:

In the last few years, the traditional literary world has gotten a lot more fun. Parties aren’t just thrown at bookstores that close at 9 pm but at punk bars and hotel ballrooms. They have custom merchandise, relevant DJs, and Botox. They’re photographed like celebrity parties.

personally i'm loving the new wave of book marketing, and I hope that this continues to make books more exciting and relevant

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Joshua Griffin

Damn, as a book cover illustrator/designer this is fascinating news. I've totally noticed cool developments/strategies on booktok getting readers excited for books as well. Not to mention all these special editions with painted edges and foiling, there just seems to be a lot more creativity going into books and book marketing during this renaissance!

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It’s really cool. Speaking of book covers, I recently saw some statistics on how book covers have changed over the years for romance novels: pudding.cool/2023/10/romance-covers/

Seems like they got less ‘raunchy’ and more diverse.

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I noticed this, too, and BookTok is something my wife is absolutely obsessed with. She ends up getting so many recommendations (and buying) most of the books that she she sees on there. Super cool to see this unfold.

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I saw this mentioned earlier in Today In Tabs and they also linked to a pretty hilarious (obviously troll) take on this IT Girl book selling world. Thought it was great:

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Great article on something I really never stopped to think about. The literary world was always extremely buttoned up for no reason, and it seems like it was ripe for change.

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Kelley Ann Hornyak

Amy, I so agree! I really love to see this happening.

Beyond the revelation of these glitz-and-glam celebrity-style book launch parties, what also comes to light here is the fact that we can and should shape our self-marketing around our personalities. We're living in an era of personal branding where we need to sell ourselves as well as our books, especially on social media. People will follow because they loved the book, but stay because they love the author.

Awesome article, thank you for sharing this!