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Lemon8, the Instagram rival from TikTok parent ByteDance, fails to gain traction in US

Since launching in the U.S. earlier this year, the Lemon8 app has only seen around 2.6 million total U.S. downloads, according to new data from app store market intelligence provider Appfigures. This paltry turnout comes despite a sizable influencer marketing push where a number of TikTok creators were praising the app to their followers, after reports indicated the U.S. was possibly moving forward with a TikTok ban.

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Chris Jul-ul

I remember seeing this app around. Didn’t really take that much interest in it, I feel like it’s the same with another app similar to it called “Clapper”. Just doesn’t have the stick factor, then again I barely use Tiktok as well, only to post content.

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I tried the app, to see what it was all about when it launched.

I was pretty much flooded with fashion and makeup tutorials, none of which was content for me. After spending time looking trying to find something for me, I grew tired of the friction, and ultimately put the app down.

I think the tech itself is good, but maybe they niches that were dominating just weren’t my cup of tea.

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Jeremy Beckler

This is exactly my experience. Logged in an was shown content that wasn’t really for me. Maybe if they made their onboarding better, perhaps collect some topics that a user would of liked to see, and shown it, they could of been in a better position.

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I posted some videos on there, and the reach was non-existent for certain niches.