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Why are we still afraid of digital fashion?

Digital fashion faces hurdles hindering mainstream acceptance, including consumer skepticism, industry resistance, technological barriers, and aesthetic misconceptions. Despite its potential benefits, such as economic and sustainability impacts, challenges persist due to concerns about novelty, reluctance from industry leaders, and perceived technical ease. To overcome these obstacles, emphasizing practical benefits, integrating digital fashion into existing ecosystems, and addressing human needs through solutions like digital product passports are key strategies to drive widespread adoption.

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Amy Sawyama

I’m trying to understand why there would be such a desire to purchase digital fashion in the first case. I can understand the benefits of something digital vs physical and it’s impact on our environment but clothes offer both an aesthetic as well as practical purpose (warmth, protection, sanitation). It seems like digital fashion would just provide an aesthetic and even then, only on a digital avatar?

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I think digital fashion thrives in other ways through gaming. Think of all the skins that get sold as micro transactions. But in order for it to thrive you have to have a compelling platform. The metaverse and other platforms they tried to release this on just isn’t good enough to warrant spending time and money on digital fashion.