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Trends don’t happen like they used to


  • The internet's trend landscape has changed, posing challenges for brand marketers.
  • Platforms like Twitter have shifted from shared trends to personalized content feeds.
  • Trends now have a different lifecycle, sometimes experiencing resurgences over time, making them more complex to navigate.

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Ive found that most often I think of something as a trend, as within my bubble of the internet I see it so often. Only to find out that when I share or reference it with my friend group, they have no idea what im talking about. Some things are deeply relevant trends to a niche, but is totally lost on people outside of that world.

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Jeremy Beckler

The internet has so much info that we are seeing the long tail of "micro-trends" (idk if I made that word up now or if I saw it somewhere else). Since communities form around niches it makes sense that something can be well understood and popular for a small group of people foolishly thinking that their world is obviously well understood by others, but it's not.

Even some of the MOST popular memes for gamers like "in ur base killing ur doods" was not recognized by casual gamers, because they didn't play starcraft or were around/connected to enough people who did.

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Amy Sawyama

There’ll be a first wave of the trend, but then it’ll hit another corner of the platform a few months later, and so on

I have def experienced the meme lifecycle resurgence that the author is explaining.
Some topics that arise just fit a format so well, so it unlocks a whole new slew of memes using a song, noise, picture etc

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The Tim Robinson meme formats, I am sure you have seen it somewhere, make their rounds exactly like this. I've noticed them popping up every few months across a wide variety of sub genres im part of