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OpenAI strikes deal to bring Reddit content to ChatGPT

According to a Reuters article published today, OpenAI has struck a deal to incorporate content from social media platform Reddit into its ChatGPT tool. This deal will provide ChatGPT with access to Reddit's constantly changing and extensive discussions on a variety of subjects, including sports, movies, and current events. The news caused Reddit's stock price to rise by 6% in after-hours trading.

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Criss F

Wow that’s huge.

Reddit is a data goldmine, and they know it. The CEO (who everyone seems to hate for various reasons) probably had foresight into this lucrative deal before completely down shutting access to the API. He knew that he couldn’t close a lucrative deal like this without it.

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People hate him because he’s selling peoples data to these LLMs without consent from users while simultaneously gating the platform from any other third party tools that used to make better experiences for Reddit users.

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OpenAI needs to strike all sorts of deals like this to get the training data it needs. In order to make our AIs better they need huge amounts of data from various resources. I would imagine data brokers like Reddit all over the place are going to lock up their user data as much as they can because they know AI companies are doing scummy stuff to try and scrape the data.

For creators, this means that all the stuff we created on those platforms are now fed into the AIs training data w/o our permission. How infuriating.