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Twitch to shut down in South Korea due to high costs


  • Twitch announced the shutdown of its operations in South Korea in February 2024 due to high operating costs and network fees.
  • CEO Dan Clancy stated that Twitch had been operating at a significant loss in Korea, and efforts to reduce operating costs were unsuccessful.
  • The decision comes amidst a broader debate over network usage fees in South Korea, with global technology giants, including Twitch and Netflix, facing challenges from local internet providers.

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This is humongous news considering the impact South Korea has in the professional gaming space. They have been one of the leaders of game tournaments and culture. It’s honestly really sad that we won’t be able to easily keep up with it in twitch any longer.

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Brandy Sousa

Can’t believe they can’t find a way to be profitable in South Korea. Leaving the market will have lasting effects and should be a last resort.