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Lapse, a new photo-sharing app

The actual app's site: https://beta.lapse.app/

It advertises itself as "the invite-only disposable camera." On Lapse, you take a photo (called a "snap") and send it to the "darkroom" to be "developed." At an unspecified time later in the day, you'll get a notification that your photo is ready, and you can see the photo you took transformed by Lapse's grainy, analog filter. Once you see the photo, you can decide whether to post it in your gallery or archive it.

Lapse forgoes an algorithmic feed and aims for something more personal and chronological. Snaps live on your profile, or your "Journal," which can be customized with music, a carousel of select images, your zodiac sign, and emojis. Meanwhile, your friends can react to your snaps, or share a "vibe," with a range of pre-selected randomized emojis.

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So basically they are trying another spin on BeReal. Interesting.. I’m wondering if this idea re-packaged can actually succeed.

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Jeremy Beckler

It has to give people some value. The problem with BeReal was it came off as gimicky and boring. I had no real reason to use it. Most people flock to traditional social is because the value is entertainment (unless you are one of those people who truly uses it to keep up with friends, in which case you are likely the minority today).

That being said I hope it does actually work out. I like the concept, but I’m nervous people will grow bored of it.