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100 Thieves is laying off 20 percent of its staff as it focuses on ‘core’ of esports and apparel


  • 100 Thieves is laying off 20% of its staff, including its game development studio and energy drink division.
  • The organization, known for its blend of gaming and apparel, is refocusing on esports, apparel, and online content.
  • This marks the third round of layoffs for 100 Thieves in less than two years.

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Creator economy based companies are feeling the pain of the general economic situation. So this isn't really shocking at all. I do hope that the heartache to those affected is not without waste, and surely these companies can stand to limit their scope and focus on a few key areas.

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Tobias Val

Focusing on apparel is interesting, nothing wrong with it, but I would think maybe the energy drink side of things would weigh better for them. But also, man lay offs are happening left and right.