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How to escape the feeling of "posting into the void"

Jason Levin shares his journey from feeling like he was "posting into the void" to engaging with a vibrant online community. Initially, social media interactions felt isolating, but by treating social media like a social event, he found his "people" and built meaningful connections. Levin compares finding friends online to navigating a college event: identify your group, engage authentically, and support others.

Key strategies for escaping the void include:

  1. Engage Actively: Comment, share, and interact with others in your niche.
  2. Support Others: Build reciprocal relationships by helping others escape their own void.
  3. Be Genuine: Authentic engagement is crucial; you can't outsource relationship-building.

Levin highlights the importance of personal involvement in social media interactions, emphasizing that building a supportive network transforms social media from a solitary activity into a collaborative, engaging experience. He also promotes his community, "The Strategists," which offers networking opportunities and support for those looking to grow their online presence.

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Brandy Sousa

I think short form video gave people the wrong impression of social media. Prior to short form content, you really had to boost others before you got any attention given to yourself (there were exceptions with extremely stellar content). With the short form stuff, people ended up getting a couple hundred views nearly for free.

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Good advice. Most people expect social media to just give them attention without them giving anything in return.