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How to do things if you're not that smart and don't have any talent

While the title can somehow be interpreted as insulting, I think this article is a good foundation for just getting out of your own way. I don’t think the author genuinely thinks the readers are talentless, but instead wants to appeal to the least common denominator so that anyone can walk away with something.


  • Audacious Approach: Encourage audacity by taking on tasks that others may find intimidating, such as cold emailing, to advance projects and leverage the talents of smart individuals who may lack courage.

  • Embrace Grunt Work: Demonstrate a willingness to tackle laborious and repetitive tasks, emphasizing the importance of such work to the team or project, and earn appreciation for your dedication.

  • Learn Undefined Skills: Develop skills that haven't been professionalized yet, like coding with AI, creating a unique position to set standards and apply these skills to benefit smarter or more talented individuals who may lack time or skepticism.

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I liked this article, and the title baits people who generally have imposter syndrome or feel like they aren’t good enough. The items on this list get to the bottom of a lot of why people don’t succeed, because they don’t opt for action or do the less glamorous work.