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Lessons learned while making media

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One of the real keys to YouTube is you don't have to produce amazingly expensive content, as long as you produce good content…my goal has always been to keep it simple. A lot of YouTube channels and creators try to go in this direction of super high production quality, which makes everything harder, and it's not better necessarily. The audience doesn't need it.

Soooo many creators get caught up in the equipment trap. Even myself.

I think it’s healthy to have a genuine interest in getting better equipment to improve the ‘quality’ of your productions, but what gets dangerous is waiting to get the perfect equipment before making.

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I really like the idea of putting off paid subscriptions for as long as possible.
I’ve seen so many writers launch a paid only newsletter and find themselves with a nearly impossible grind to convince people to subscribe. On that case, your writing is your best marketing, so to gate it feels like doing yourself a great disservice.