Discussion on: Key takeaways of Forbes Top Creators

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Itarow Krähe

It is very interesting seeing more brands attach themselves to these creators. There's a lot of potential, but, to me, the whole strategy is volatile. Every week influencers face potential backlash from their audience and even those who don't consume their content. I wonder if the strategy will last then with it being so risky for brands.

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Nir Author

Risky for sure, but dropping a creator is worth the risk and usually has limited damage to the brand (if any over a meaningful period of time).

Also the question for brand becomes, if not Creators, what is as effective? Not much can beat the strong bond and trust a creator has with their audience.

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Jeremy Beckler • Edited on

I think marketing is volatile by nature. Sure you can play it safe and buy ad space on Google, Facebook, etc. but those are already becoming extremely competitive and likely don’t get marketing teams as excited as the potential that a creator with a deep following have.

Nothing makes me more of a believer in this space than seeing people like XQC get multi-million dollar deals by simply using a service or having it somewhere on stream. The amount of command that a creator like he has is on Super Bowl levels of eyeballs.