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SiriusXM to Launch Spotify Competitor in Bid for Gen Z Streaming Spend

  • SiriusXM is launching a new streaming app to compete with Spotify and Apple Music, targeting younger generations with personalized recommendations and discovery features.
  • The move is part of SiriusXM's strategy to expand its reach among millennials and Gen Z, who are more likely to pay for subscriptions. T- he company collaborated with creative agency Uncommon Creative Studio to develop a brand platform appealing to both current and future subscribers, entering a competitive market against Spotify, which reported 195 million Premium subscribers.

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Spotify is cool and all, but ive been craving something new in the music streaming space. Excited to see what SiriusXM brings to the table. Although im not going to lie, they are a few years late to this party, so im not entirely sure that they have to winning team here to make a dent in this market.

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Harper Liu Author

Yes, SiriusXM is incredibly late to this party. Although I am shocked that many other audio streaming companies/platforms haven't jumped in on this sooner. It's like the Netflix moment all over again. All the studios jumped in really late; but they did see success in capturing market share