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YouTube adds “For You” video suggestions to channel pages

The “For you” section gives your audience a tailored experience when visiting your channel Home tab. This section surfaces a mix of personalized content based on what the individual viewer has watched. You can choose what types of content to show and select to show only content recently posted within the last 12 months.

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I’ve always wondered why YouTube didn’t trailer the channels themselves on a per-individual basis. This seems like the best foot forward for anyone coming to a creators channel and trying to identify if they want to subscribe or not.

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Criss F

I think that’s true BUT, the downside I can see is that you will end up with people seeing only the stuff that pertains to them, which may not be the entirety of the YouTubers video catalogue. So users may subscribe to a creator only to later find out that a majority of their content wasn’t interesting, leading to more unsubscribes.