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Introducing Yahoo for Creators: A New Publishing Platform, Launching in Beta

Yahoo has launched Yahoo for Creators, a beta program providing writers with a platform to publish, monetize, and grow their businesses by sharing stories to Yahoo News, reaching over 185 million monthly U.S. visitors. The program aims to elevate creators and expand into new content categories such as fitness, travel, home, DIY, and style. Creators will have access to simple tools, gain visibility, grow their audience, showcase their work, and monetize through ad revenue sharing and affiliate opportunities. The platform is launching in beta with an invite-only group of creators.

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Juan Carlos Pelayo Santos

I have been using Yahoo Mail since 1998. I've tried several other services all this time and not even gmail has proved to be better, besides that, Yahoo has been hibernating just not to die. I'm glad to read something "new" from them.

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Harper Liu

Wow a new offering from Yahoo? Seems like it’s been years. Most of what I associate with Yahoo is legacy mail services.

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Chris Messina

They should have just acquired Medium.

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Christie Mu

YAHOO??? Very curious to see what they do, so random but why not. Bring something new.

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Ellie Hunter

Wow, honestly did not expect yahoo to come up in 2024 lol. Lets see what they got.