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Ask CBX: What are your favorite apps, software, and equipment for content creation?

I always learn a lot from understanding what others are using.

I'll start.

Audacity serves as my free, reliable audio editing tool. My microphone of choice is the Shure SM7B, complemented by a boom arm and a pop filter. I also use Adobe Audition for more advanced audio work. Acoustic panels in my recording space. Anchor for podcast episodes and spotify directly for uploading songs.

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Cherri • Edited on
  • pens, pencils, or stylus, depending on the mood I'm in and what im writing
  • moleskin journal, physical. I take this thing everywhere for loose ideas and quick notes
  • notepad (ios) for digital writing
  • pinterest for inspiration
  • music, candles, or ambient sounds for non-visual inspiration
  • my Iphone to take pictures and remember things, this usually helps me remember a moment
  • a quiet corner at a park or lake nearby ;P
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For CS/Engineering: Visual Studio Code and Python for software development, and CAD tools like AutoCAD for engineering projects.

For making music: Gibson Les Paul, high-gain amplifier

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Hannah Ruth

For video editing DaVinci Resolve! Free and super powerful. I found it much more intuitive than adobe.

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Adobe Premiere Pro for editing, Adobe After Effects for extras and animation.

For graphic design elements, Photoshop.

On the equipment side, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and a tripod.