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A lot of Redditors hate the Reddit IPO

  • Redditors express skepticism and disdain towards Reddit's IPO, citing concerns over its ability to monetize its user base and its lack of profitability.
  • The S-1 filing reveals Reddit's reliance on advertising revenue and its struggles with monetization, with serious doubts about its future profitability.
  • Reddit's CEO, Steve Huffman, faces criticism from users who perceive the IPO as a potential downfall for the platform, questioning his decisions and compensation.

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“I think it’s pretty cool that Reddit is doing this IPO offer to their mods and users,” a Reddit user who asked me to identify him as Kevon tells me. “It’s a nice little thank you that actually may have some monetary value.”

On the surface this is cool, but this is also a way to protect themselves against liability. Reddit knows that the mods acting unfavorably could potentially ruin their IPO.