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Evan Spiegel Proclaims 'Social Media Is Dead,' and Predicts Snap Is About to 'Transcend' the Smartphone


  • Shift in Focus: Spiegel emphasized a shift in focus for Snap in 2024, aiming for more user growth in developed markets like North America and Europe. The company plans to adopt a more iOS-centric approach, improve ad targeting, and unify content and ad interactions across Spotlight and Stories.

  • AR and Future Computing: Snap sees the current moment as an opportunity to transcend smartphone limitations and enter the augmented reality (AR) space. Spiegel mentioned the importance of Snap being strong and profitable to deliver the future of computing in AR, particularly through consumer augmented reality glasses.

  • Critique of Rivals: Spiegel criticized rivals, including Meta's Facebook and Instagram, as well as the X platform (formerly Twitter). He accused them of connecting pedophiles, fueling insurrection, and recommending terrorist propaganda. Spiegel positioned Snapchat as a platform that promotes happiness, focusing on close relationships and messaging features.

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Amy Sawyama

It's interesting to see Snaps CEO perspective on the current state of social media and his vision for Snapchat in 2024. The emphasis on making people happy and fostering close relationships through messaging is a unique approach, especially in contrast to the criticism aimed at rivals. The shift towards augmented reality and the urgency mentioned to capitalize on the momentum before the end of the decade is quite ambitious.