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Humane is creating a projector phone

The Ai Pin is “a small, screenless device about the size of a saltine cracker,” The Information reports, that will have “a camera, a microphone and speaker, a variety of sensors, and a laser projector.”

Is this what the future looks like? Alongside things like the new Apple Vision Pro. Its definitely a cool idea, but that price, oof.

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Not sure about the practicality of the laser projector. Don’t get me wrong it seems super futuristic, but I feel like there would be very little content I would actually want consume. Also assumes I have a reliable light source and surface.

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Jeremy Beckler

Interesting idea and I respect the fact they are trying to make new technology, seems like we haven’t had anything big since the smart phone?

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Jason Cruz

That's pretty sick, not something I would use, but definitely an interesting start for something like this. Maybe we'll see more different type of iterations in the near future.