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Pilot who crashed plane for YouTube clicks is headed to federal prison

  • YouTuber Trevor Daniel Jacob, a former Olympic athlete, deliberately crashed a plane in California’s Los Padres National Forest for online views and financial gain.
  • Jacob pleaded guilty to one felony count of destruction and concealment with the intent to obstruct a federal investigation and was sentenced to six months in federal prison.
  • The YouTuber lied to investigators, destroyed the wreckage, and later uploaded a video titled "I Crashed My Airplane" to make money, featuring the sponsored wallet promotion.

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kenshin99 profile image

These edgy creators are not new, but they are more extreme.

Yes a lot of people post illegal things, like theft, going into places they shouldn’t, etc.. but this kind of tops it all. You literally are doing extremely dangerous behavior that puts you, the environment, and others at risk. That’s far too much.

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Amy Sawyama

The platforms have to have a zero tolerance for it, otherwise they will continue to incentivize more extreme behavior

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Never thought 'crashing a plane for YouTube clicks' would be an actual headline, but here we are in 2023