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What is next for the moviegoing experience in the age of VR, spatial computing and streaming?


  • The article notes the ongoing competition between streaming services and cinemas, highlighting the impact of social media, gaming, and even sleep as competitors in the entertainment space.
  • Despite the promises of a VR revolution, it has yet to become mainstream, with challenges like dizziness and fatigue. The Apple Vision Pro is seen as a potential game-changer in this regard.
  • The shift towards VR may lead to a decline in large multiplexes but could benefit smaller, curated cinemas, fostering a more diverse and rich entertainment world. Economic factors and convenience will likely influence customer behavior in this evolving landscape.

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Jeremy Beckler

there’s something special about the whole movie theater ritual, from the physical space, to the previews, to the post-movie discussions. Being at home is great convenience but somehow the intentional choice of going to the movies as the activity where you paid and traveled to makes you more invested.

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Ellie Hunter

I definitely prefer going to watch a movie in a theater than watching something at home. I really enjoy the ambience and just the reactions of the crowd (when they aren't distracting the entire time lol). But seeing what the Apple Vision Pro is capable of doing, I'm very interested in that and how that feels (RIP to people who wears glasses like me though, I have no idea how or IF that'll even be accessible).