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Steve Jobs' 3-Part Hook


Steve Jobs’ 3-Part Hook: The article discusses a one-minute segment from Steve Jobs’ 2007 iPhone launch, highlighting three hook techniques employed by Jobs in the opening lines.

Techniques Explored:

  • Make a Promise: Jobs makes a promise by investing time and effort into a revolutionary product, using costly signaling and raising the stakes to convey value.
  • Give an Invitation: He extends an invitation to the audience, making them feel fortunate to be part of something extraordinary, creating a sense of privilege.
  • Leverage Juxtaposition: Jobs uses juxtaposition by comparing the iPhone to the Macintosh, positioning it within Apple’s revolutionary lineage and defining what revolutionary means in the context of the phone industry.

Discussion (1)

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The second part, where Jobs invites everyone to be part of something big is overlooked by a lot of people. It’s not just him and Apple doing something cool; it’s like saying, “Hey, you’re cool too, come join us!” This makes it personal and exciting.