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ApeFest attendees report vision problems and ‘extreme pain’ after event

Several attendees of Yuga Labs’ ApeFest event in Hong Kong reported eye pain and vision loss, claiming they were exposed to improper lighting.

“Doctor told me it was due to the UV from stage lights,” they added. “I go to festivals often but have never experienced this. I try to understand how it could happen… it seems like the lamps [were] not safe.”
One attendee noted many of those reporting eye problems were those “up close” to the lighting display on the event’s main stage.

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Yikes. I would be extremely pissed if this happened to me. I am not into NFTs (lol is anyone anymore?), but it seems like they couldn't run a basic event.

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Criss F

Another article on the subject that I found really funny: defector.com/when-blindness-hits-a...