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What I wish someone had told me

Some interesting words from Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI.

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My favorite one

Fast iteration can make up for a lot; it’s usually ok to be wrong if you iterate quickly. Plans should be measured in decades, execution should be measured in weeks.

I think we tend to measure things on a individual basis, such as a post or a piece that we created. If it doesn't perform the way we wanted, we instantly start feeling bad. But usually if you zoom out, you will likely see progress across the entirety of the work you have put out.

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Amy Sawyama

Spend more time recruiting. Take risks on high-potential people with a fast rate of improvement. Look for evidence of getting stuff done in addition to intelligence.

I’d probably add that if you are looking for people who are going to fit into the culture you are trying to build. I have come across people who are brilliant but terrible to work with, to me that’s a no-hire.