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Tucker Carlson Is Launching His Own Streaming Service

Tucker Carlson's Streaming Service:

  • Tucker Carlson has started his own streaming service called Tucker Carlson Network.
  • The service, priced at $9/month or $72/year, offers various shows, interviews, and videos, initially accessible only through Carlson's website.
  • Some content is free with ads, while exclusive interviews and monologues are for subscribers.

Content and Distribution:

  • Carlson initially used X (formerly Twitter) but switched to his own service due to limitations for subscription-based content on X.
  • The service includes content from Carlson's previous X shows, and they're exploring distribution through streaming apps and X.

Key Players and Funding:

  • Neil Patel, Carlson's college roommate and co-founder of Daily Caller, is the CEO.
  • Justin Wells, Carlson's former Fox producer, is the president.
  • The venture received $15 million in funding, led by 1789 Capital, with Red Seat Ventures managing podcast ads.

Discussion (2)

kenshin99 profile image

While it's interesting to see Tucker Carlson venture into his own streaming service, it raises concerns about the potential echo-chamber effect.

Carlson has a polarizing reputation and there's a risk that the content might be heavily biased.

Additionally, with the crowded field of news personalities on various platforms, it remains to be seen if this new service can offer diverse perspectives or if it will cater exclusively to a specific audience, further deepening divisions in media consumption.

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Criss F

Carlson has a polarizing reputation and there's a risk that the content might be heavily biased.

Understatement of the year right here. Despite your opinion on politics, we can all agree that his content is heavily represented one sided, but CBX is no place for politics.

The creator side of me is happy to see creators (feels weird to say that about Carlson?) being unafraid to make platforms to serve their content other than the big players (twitch, youtube, etc).

Will I support? No.