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How to gamify your storytelling

The video game market makes $217 billion in revenue annually, more than Hollywood and the music industry combined. These are the four strategies to gamify your storytelling.

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Really cool take on how storytelling changes when game mechanics need to be involved.

I always appreciate when a game has a good story and the game play action is there to match. Sometimes that means they need to make strategic decisions to develop additional gameplay formats to accommodate a crucial part of the story that they want to be more immersive, otherwise they just use the fall back cut scene approach.

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Harper Liu

The video game market makes $217 billion in revenue annually

Had no idea the video game market made so much. You always hear stories about how difficult it is to make it as a game shop, yet there seems to be more money than ever to be made in that space. It’s strange to me because it wouldn’t seem like a winner take all kind of market.

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It’s not necessarily that it’s winner take all, it’s that it’s incredibly hard to break through with a given project. Gamers are used to polished mechanics, graphics, unique art style, etc. all of which takes time and capital to produce. You need to spend either a) a lot of time producing it solo/founder team or b) pay people a ton to make it happen. And likely both.