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Why I Finally Deleted 33,000 of My Old Tweets

The author decided to delete their old tweets primarily due to several factors related to changes on Twitter, particularly under Elon Musk's leadership. They were motivated by concerns over reputation, platform clutter, and contributing to problematic aspects of Twitter. Additionally, they expressed discomfort with Twitter's shift towards algorithmic feeds, which they felt promoted negativity and outrage. Deleting old tweets was seen as a way to regain control over their online presence and reduce exposure to harmful content on the platform.

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You’ve been on social media for a while. You may have said things you regret, and rather than look through your posts with a fine-toothed comb, you nuke everything in the name of reputation preservation.

To be fair, with the on-going changes in political climate and culture, things have evolved quickly. I can see many things getting dated fast (which were once cultural norms), and if you are a public figure, it makes total sense to do a spring cleaning.