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This 50 Billion Views Creator Breaks Down Mastering The Algorithms

Justin Flom, a renowned content creator and magician, shares his journey from a childhood immersed in magic to becoming a digital sensation. His success story involves leveraging social media platforms and understanding algorithms to maximize engagement. Flom emphasizes the importance of data-driven strategies and adapting content to suit different platforms. He discusses the challenges of navigating the ever-changing digital landscape and the rewards of inspiring creativity in others. Additionally, Flom shares his vision for future projects, including developing family-friendly content and innovative game shows.

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For those that just want the nugget of advice

When it comes to tailoring his content strategy for each platform, Flom has some insider advice for aspiring influencers. “If a platform gives you an amount of time, try and take all of that. Meaning that if YouTube short says you can have a video that’s up to 60s make that video 60s,” he explains. The reasoning behind this approach is simple: “All of these platforms want to keep their viewers on the platform for as long as possible,” he says. By creating content that maximizes the allotted time on each platform, Flom believes creators can increase their chances of receiving preferential treatment from the algorithms.