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The Rise and Fall of Podcasting


  • Podcasting Evolution: Explores podcasting's journey from niche medium in 2008 to rapid growth until 2018, detailing challenges faced as it matured, including increased competition and shifting economics.

  • Economic Shift in Podcasting: Describes the transformative economics of podcasting in 2019, driven by significant investments, which led to higher marketing costs, making it challenging for thoughtfully produced shows to thrive.

  • Celebrity Influence and Market Concentration: Highlights the growing influence of celebrities in podcasting, providing a cost breakdown of celebrity shows versus highly produced ones. Discusses the shift in advertising dynamics, concentrating operations and posing challenges for shows without large existing audiences. This shift contributed to the struggles of podcasting companies focusing on highly produced, non-celebrity shows.

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Jeremy Beckler

The celebrity takeover is frustrating. It feels like podcasts are becoming less about unique content and more about who’s hosting. Miss the days when it was about the craft rather than just having a famous name talk about their day for an hour each week.