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How to improve any type of writing [video]

In this video, you'll dive deep into a game-changing method for writers across genres. Whether you're crafting your next novel, spicing up your Substack, or looking to stand out online, learn how to transform your writing from dull to dynamic. This is meant to be a roadmap for anyone looking to infuse their prose with authenticity, insight, and a dash of whimsy. A guide to words that are not just read, but remembered.


  • Finding the right balance of pop writing is crucial for effective communication.
  • The speaker suggests that the optimal amount of pop depends on the audience and the topic.
  • While serious topics can still be communicated playfully, it's important to consider the context and tone.
  • By incorporating personal, observational, and playful elements into their writing, writers can create content that is both informative and entertaining.

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SamuraiStephanie • Edited on

I struggle with the “Personal” aspect of writing the most. Something about being taught in an academic setting I think removes a lot of the habits around “personal bias” and “feelings” out of writing, and we tend to think that’s not how you should write, especially if it’s to a mass audience. Turns out, that’s a huge piece about what people are drawn to.