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YouTube CEO: It’s Time for the Emmys to Embrace Creators

YouTube's CEO, Neal Mohan, advocates for the inclusion of digital creators in Emmy recognition. He argues that creators, like MrBeast and others, are not merely bedroom vloggers but rather sophisticated professionals with writers' rooms, production teams, and innovative programming that breaks boundaries. Mohan suggests that the Television Academy should evolve to reflect the changing landscape of entertainment, acknowledging the significant role of creators who are driving cultural trends and shaping the future of television. He emphasizes that viewers no longer differentiate between traditional media and digital content, and thus, the Emmys should expand their categories to encompass the full spectrum of entertainment. Mohan highlights the influence of creators, their use of AI technology, and their ability to engage large audiences, positioning them as the new leaders of Hollywood. He urges the Television Academy to recognize and celebrate creators' contributions to modern culture in order to remain relevant in the digital age of entertainment.

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lesliewylde profile image

While I appreciate Neal's push for digital creators at the Emmys, let's be real - they're not exactly the same cloth as traditional nominees.

Traditional nominees often come from structured industries with established standards, while digital creators rise to fame through platforms like YouTube or TikTok, often without formal training.

They're both creative and talented, but their content can be wildly different from traditional TV shows. While it's worth considering changes to Emmy categories to reflect the evolving entertainment landscape, let's not overlook the distinct differences between these two groups.

slipperyshrimp profile image

These creators aren't just some random folks with cameras; they're serious professionals with legit production teams and groundbreaking content. It's about time the Television Academy acknowledges their impact and evolution in the entertainment landscape. Viewers dont care if content comes from TV or YouTube anymore, so why should the Emmys?

drdeception profile image

That’s true BUT things are getting muddier between traditional Vs creator-led. Af some point I would imagine that these two start to become closer and closer without any clear delineation.