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Instagram wants to make finstas official


  • Instagram is developing a "flipside" feature, essentially a finsta (secret account), allowing users to switch to a private profile within their normal account.
  • Flipside accounts let users share posts with a chosen group of followers, similar to the "Close Friends" feature for Stories.
  • There is a "remove everyone" button for users to start their flipside profiles anew, but regular community guidelines still apply.

Discussion (2)

crissfuture profile image
Criss F

Everyone deals with Instagram privacy in different ways.

I know people who only show stuff to their “close friends” list, and are otherwise non-existent.

I know people who only DM people.

I know people who delete their account and remake new ones and add everyone again to start fresh.

And of course, we all know people who have “finstas” where they just stalk people.

I’m guessing IG picked up on these trend and wants to make something built in to handle it, im very curious how that will shape up.

harperliu profile image
Harper Liu

I never understood having a finsta for stalking but I do understand having different accounts for different reasons (like business vs personal).

Posting is where the different account comes in, but for what reason do you need another account just to watch/look at profiles? It’s not like they know you are looking :P