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Has It Ever Been Harder to Make a Living As An Author?

  • Financial Realities for Authors:
    Authors, even those published by prestigious imprints, often cannot support themselves solely through writing novels.
    The income from book sales, even with substantial advances, may not be enough to sustain a living, and many authors maintain day jobs for financial stability.

  • Changing Landscape of Publishing:
    The traditional image of the successful, financially secure author is increasingly rare, and the myth of a comfortable writer's life is not reflective of the challenges faced by most writers.
    Today's authors are not only expected to write but also act as spokespersons for their books, engaging in self-promotion and participating in various promotional activities.

  • Diversification and Challenges in Writing Careers:
    Many authors supplement their income by engaging in other forms of writing, such as screenwriting, due to the financial challenges in solely relying on book sales.
    The changing landscape, including the rise of streaming services, has led to challenges for screenwriters, and some authors find themselves juggling multiple projects to make ends meet.

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The image of authors living off book sales alone seems outdated. It's tough out there, even for accomplished writers. The shift towards authors being their own PR reps is wild. And the fact that many authors are juggling different writing gigs just to make ends meet is concerning. Today you really need new strategies do well as a pure writer.

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Jeremy Beckler

It almost feels like every celeb tries to check the box and become a “New York Times Best Selling Author” making the whole notion more meaningless for people who are actual novelists by trade.