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Podcast deals turn off exclusivity

  • Podcasting shifts to a licensing model, allowing shows like Call Her Daddy, The Joe Rogan Experience, and SmartLess to be available on every platform without exclusivity.
  • Spotify and SiriusXM secure rich renewal deals for these shows, gaining the right to sell ads and distribute across any platform, emphasizing revenue sharing to mitigate risks.
  • The podcast market has plateaued, leading major shows to adapt their models for sustainability as subscriber numbers have peaked.

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Criss F

The way I see it, this shift to a licensing model can be seen as both good and bad for podcast makers:


  1. Increased Reach: Shows are now available on multiple platforms, potentially reaching a broader audience.
  2. Revenue Opportunities: Advertisers may bring in more revenue, and creators could benefit from revenue-sharing models.


  1. Increased Competition: With shows available everywhere, competition for listeners’ attention may intensify.
  2. Dependency on Platforms: Creators might become more reliant on platform deals, impacting independence.