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Huge amount of layoffs in media and tech (company list in thread)

There have been so many layoffs in the past few days, it's getting hard to keep track. But here are the most notable ones.

Discord - cuts 17% of employees to ‘sharpen its focus’

Meta - Meta reportedly laid off 60 technical program managers at Instagram

Twitch - cutting workforce by 35%

Amazon / Prime - Beginning at the end of 2022 and continuing through 2023, Amazon initiated the largest layoffs in its history, cutting more than 27,000 jobs across almost every area of the company.

Google - Google laid off hundreds of workers from multiple corporate divisions Wednesday night.

Unity - The videogame company said it would lay off 1,800 employees, 25% of its workforce

Rent the Runway - The fashion subscription company said it is cutting 37 roles

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Amy Sawyama

Cloudflare also had layoffs, and this video twitter.com/WhatLayoff/status/1745...
of Britney Pietsch records the whole thing!

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Brandy Sousa

Wow she has some major balls to record and post this online. She rightfully got upset, I would be too under her conditions. It’s like she basically just onboarded and then got a weak remark about performance.

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Jason Cruz

It's crazy whats happening. Google has laid off even more people in the sales department (hundreds of employees) and replacing them with AI-powered sales - article here.

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When the big guys fall, everyone follows suit. I imagine that this year will be filled with more of these from the medium-small companies.

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Criss F

It’s almost like they have to because their investors expect to cut spending and improve share prices. In many ways the VC world perpetuates these cycles.