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Every celebrity has an alcohol brand now

The article discusses the rising trend of celebrities entering the alcohol market, launching their own brands of spirits, canned wines, and cocktails. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, and Matthew McConaughey are among those joining the fray, contributing to a crowded industry with over 350 celebrity-affiliated alcohol brands in 2022. Despite the lucrative global alcohol market, the surge in celebrity-driven spirits comes at a time when younger consumers are drinking less due to health concerns and financial constraints. Celebrities face the challenge of staying relevant and cutting through changing trends to succeed in this competitive market.

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marshalshoen profile image

I wonder why they all flock to alcohol?

Maybe it’s an easy packaged good that has a high price point, and doesn’t really need that much of a new formula to make (unlike something like prime, feastables, etc).

drdeception profile image

It’s also classy and cool, almost anyone can associate with an alcohol brand. It also lends itself well to any gig they do around club promotion (celebrities get paid to go to clubs to make them seem popular or trendy).

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Alcohol marketing is tough, it makes sense to get all the help you can get by partnering up with a creator/celebrity. Most people don’t switch alcohol options often, so these extra bits of “social proofing” help push people.

I’ve actually have had friends who bougjt snoopdogs products just because it’s snoopdog, not because they even care about how it tastes.