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A Year on YouTube: The Trending Topics that Defined 2023

Always interesting to see what the year was comprised of. The internet moves so fast that many of those things already seem like a lifetime ago.

So much can happen in a year.

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These creators saw the greatest growth in US-based subscribers in 2023:
Pink Shirt Couple
Topper Guild
Ian Boggs
JT Casey
Jeffrey Bui
Stokes Twins
Ben Azelart

How is it that I don't know a single one of these besides MrBeast despite spending so much time on youtube? You can really carve out a corner of the platform for yourself and never see anything mainstream/popular.

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Tobias Val

Its interesting to see that these were trending topics for the year, when they probably lasted no more than a few weeks if that. Some of these I've never even heard of either.