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A Guided Tour of Apple Vision Pro [video]

In case you missed some of the features (like I did).

What's covered:

00:00 Introduction
00:44 Navigation
01:17 Photos
02:29 Panoramas
03:04 Spatial Videos
03:36 TV and Movies
04:27 Workspace
05:38 FaceTime
06:09 Persona
06:34 Environments
07:21 Mac Virtual Display
07:50 Experiences
09:20 Ending

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kenshin99 profile image

The workspace stuff is pretty cool, I like the idea of being able to change what my work looks like with various screen sizes and not be bound by the physical space I have/ nor do I have to make decisions about buying hardware that isnt flexible (large screens, mouse, keyboards).

The unfortunate part, was posted here, is it seems like there isn't much to do on it yet. And if apps don't adopt this, we will be sitting here will a very nice toy.