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Eyecandy is a database representing the very best visual techniques of filmmaking

Eyecandy can be used as an educational tool, or to help build decks and moodboards for your next film.

A website that acts as a massive library to every visual technique.

It’s an ungated community.
It’s a labor of love for the people.
It’s something to enjoy and learn from.
It’s not something you should gatekeep—
It was made to blow the gates open.

A pretty cool website that showcases visual effects from some of the best movies, music videos, posts from social media and many more. It even has breakdowns on some to teach you how to do it yourself, or make it your own.

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This is really cool, thanks for sharing!

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Jeremy Beckler

Love how they include the director with the associated visual effects. Really great resource.

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Tobias Val

Ooh, very interesting, it’s always nice to see breakdowns for things like this, will definitely check it out. Thanks Christie!