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The Pokimane Cookie Controversy Is So Dumb

  • Twitch streamer Pokimane's snack line, Myna, stirred controversy with "Midnight Cookies."
  • Accusations of recipe theft and criticism for the $28 price sparked online drama.
  • Content creators, including xQc and MoistCr1TiKaL, weighed in, questioning Pokimane's connection with everyday concerns.
  • The situation appeared more as attention-seeking online drama than a legitimate issue.

Discussion (5)

samuraisteph profile image

While the author dismisses the Pokimane cookie controversy as meaningless drama, I find it concerning that influencers may not be held accountable for potential unethical practices in their product launches.

While it’s not quite a pump and dump scheme or some heinous act, transparency and fair pricing should matter, especially when fans are the ones buying.

messo profile image

I largely agree with the author, this is straight up none sense, and the fact that other internet people such as moist and xqc are trying to 'dunk' on her for being out of touch is quite laughable.

I watched the video of moist trying to point out that she made a joke calling people "broke boys" who couldn't afford the cookies, and his outrage felt incredibly forced. Even watching her say it just seemed like a lame joke at most. The internet seems to be looking for drama here.

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Harper Liu

It truthfully feels like one of those internet moments where a bunch of pent up emotion regarding a person is looking for any excuse to try to tear them down.

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Criss F

Lot of controversy over this product, which is pretty interesting considering it’s the first major female streamer/personality to do a packaged good.

Logan Paul scammed his entire audience, yet Prime didn’t really receive as much negative press. Maybe people associate those two as different things?

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Cherri Author

Yea, it's quite concerning that Logan Paul's Prime hasn't suffered at all despite Logan continuously being a terrible human. It probably helps that KSI is co-owner, and he seems to be still a positive figure in most peoples eyes.