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I don't want to be friends with Kendall Jenner

My favorite quotes

The world doesn't need artificial companions, at least not made by billionaires.

so true, this seems extremely unnecessary

Now you can get your own personal big sister, someone who cares, someone who's there. Meta just released an AI version of Kendall Jenner. That's how they're promoting her, as a kind of surrogate sis. They hired 27 other celebrities to help them make artificial companions.
"This is so creepy," someone said.

why do we need to talk to celebrities? how is it that they are the most interesting people? why not fictional characters that bend our imagination, instead of people based on people?

You can blame social media all you want, but that's just one small part of the larger problem. Everything about our culture encourages cheap, disposable, expendable, replaceable products. We're encouraged to be superficial. For nearly two decades, we've been encouraged to curate our lives and filter ourselves in every literal and figurative sense. Then we're reprimanded for it.

my hope is that people just flat begin to reject this. I find it hard to believe anyone wants this type of world. just my two cents

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